Water Sector




We provide commensurate solutions with type of water and waste water applications, Pipeline, Power plant auxiliary, Refinery utilities, Renewable energy and Green technology.


Each project we carry out here is an individual solution to a specific problem with simple philosophy:

“no pre-conceived ideas, no product catalogues”


As an EPC contractor, Sadrab Sanat has developed an unparalleled global sourcing capability providing our customers with the same unmatched quality and maximum value 


Sadrab Sanat’s highly trained field service engineers, has been locating strategically in different geographical areas around Iran and the middle east; ensure quality service in a timely and expeditious manner to help us realize our core value of satisfaction of customers.


We invest in our future, by working on new technologies, products and processes to meet the evolving needs of our customers.


Today Sadrab Sanat is one of the main source solution providers covering a full range of water and waste water purification services, Pipeline & Pump station, Power plant, Refinary plant, renewable energy and Green technology under the one roof.



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